Breast Cancer, Chemo and Surgery Recovery Projects:

Breast cancer camisole     Camisoles:
Undergarment designed to hold drain tubes/bags in pockets sewn to inside of camisole's front pieces. The straps are adjustable with soft velcro and the front is also a soft velcro closure. These come in sizes Small to 2X. We have made and donated over 1,000 of these garments since 2007 to local breast cancer patients.

If you would like to purchase the pattern to make your own camisole or for a loved one, use the buttons below. Each $5 purchase will allow us to make one camisole to donate to a local breast cancer patient.

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Watch this youtube video to see how the camisole is made!

Click Here for Camisole Instructions

Eye Sachet     Kangaroo Pouch:
This apron has two large pockets to hold surgery drains. The ties are 72" long to accomodate almost any size waist for those that do not want to wear a full camisole or need a larger size than the camisoles provide. They are made with premium 100% cotton for comfort and ease of maintenance.

These are available for sale in our Etsy shop by clicking here.

Neck Pillow     Dog Bone Neck Pillow:
This pillow provides comfort while receiving chemotherapy treatments as well as sitting in a recliner or riding in a car. If you would like to make one for yourself or a loved one, this online tutorial and pattern will assist you: 30 Minute Neck Pillow

Other Projects:

Drawstring Bag     Drawstring Bags:

These handy bags are about the size of a gallon-size Ziplock bag (11.5" x 12") and are good for storing toiletries and personal items.

Get the instructions:
Drawstring Bag instructions, click here.

Medical Play Dolls     Medical Play Dolls:
Stuffed blank cloth dolls used to explain medical procedures to children. These dolls are used in hospital settings as a communication tool for explaining an invasive procedure to a child or for diagnosing a child's discomfort. If a child is facing an IV for the first time, medical staff in the emergency room insert an IV on a doll's arm as they explain the procedure to the child. The child is then given the doll (and sometimes a little hospital gown for the doll) as their own to hold for security.

Grocery Bags     Fabric Grocery Bags:
Plastic grocery bags have been outlawed in our area. We supply these handmade bags to a local serving center providing fresh food to the elderly in need. The bags are made from donated upholstery fabric.